Welcome To Armored Hull Boat Shields™

Your Boat Can Actually be Destroyed Within a Few Months Without
Proper Boat Hull Protection
Prevent marine growth from attaching to your boat!
Barnacles, Mussels, and White Worm will cause serious damage!

Lots Of Damage!These two outdrives were facing a $10,000 replacement bill.

With an Armored Hull Boat Shield™
you will never have to worry
about damage again.

Your boat will always look as though it
never spent a day in the ocean!

Pays for itself!

At $100 per linear ft., a 24 ft. model is approx $2400,
a 30 ft. model is approx $3000.
It’s Extremely Durable!
Armoredhull Boat Shield

Installs Easily.
Ties to your dock cleats,
mooring poles or a mooring ball

and will spin around with both in and out going tides.

Armoredhull Boat Shield
  The Armored Hull Boat Shield™ puts no stress on the docks and
that means Dock Masters like it!

  Custom sizes to fit ANY size boat!

Your Boat is In or Out Of The Armored Hull Boat Shield™ in 3 Minutes!

Armoredhull Boat Shield
With our patented Airgate System,
No Extra Work!

Armoredhull Boat Shield
Your Boat Is Protected In An Enclosed Pool of Water

Never scrape your hull or use anti-fouling paint again.
And your boat’s protected even if you are away for months!