Warranty & Pricing Details

Labor and product warranty is 1 year. Parts only carry manufactures warranty.

Payment: (50%) of liner cost is due prior to installation. Remainder of balance to be paid at the time of final install.

For the San Diego area the cost is $350.00 for an Armored Hull Boat Shield™ to be installed by our technicians (this is not included in the price of the liner) and payment is required in full prior to installation. For installations outside of San Diego County (above Oceanside), a quote will be given prior to installation.

For Armored Hull Boat Shields™ Liner removal there will be a charge of $350.00 (Please note: Liner must first be cleaned @ owner’s expense prior to removal.)

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required on installation or removal of liner(s). To request a cancellation, please call our office at 619.578.5979.

Armored Hull Boat Shields™ will not be held liable for new or existing “dock growth” such as barnacles, clams, mussels, or anything that could rip/cut your liner. Be sure to have your Armored Hull Boat Shield™ regularly inspected when your diver cleans your liner and have any and all growth removed.

Armored Hull Boat Shields™ will not be held liable for any “collateral” type damage, including propellers, outboards, jet skis, dinghy’s, “water-toys”, outdrives thereof. If a constant “rub” occurs on the Armored Hull Boat Shield™, this will cause the liner material to rip/cut and any subsequent will not be covered under warranty.

Armored Hull Boat Shields™ are not recommended for any marina, home, or body of water thereof in which an actively strong current, excessive surge or in unprotected waters (such as being secured to a buoy or mooring ball) exists.

Armored Hull Boat Shields™ are solely intended to be secured to existing docks. Any other forms of securing an Armored Hull Boat Shield™ will not be covered under warranty.

Armored Hull Boat Shields™ are not intended for personal use such as a swimming pool, to keep wildlife, fish or thereof within the liner. Armored Hull Boat Shields™ sole purpose is to maintain the hull of your boat.

Armored Hull Boat Shields™ does not warranty liners that have been self-installed or liners that are improperly installed. Please call or email us with any questions.

I agree not to hold Armored Hull Marine Products™ liable for loss or damages caused by theft, fire, sinking from lack of proper maintenance, or any act of nature, including wind, rain or any other forms of weather related storms beyond Armored Hull Marine Products™ scope.

  • There are NO REFUNDS on ‘custom’ ordered sizes of Armored Hull Boat Shields™
  • There are NO REFUNDS on any shipping charges
  • There are NO REFUNDS on any ‘custom’ shipping crate charges

Failure to pay for the completed work / liner installation / liner removal I understand will result in having a Mechanics Lien placed on the vessel and Armored Hull Boat Shields™ will exercise the right to seek unpaid damages in a court of law.

If collection of unpaid fees is required by lawsuit or any other method, I agree to pay interest until paid in full. Other fees you may be responsible to pay are collection costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us by clicking on the Armored Hull™ logo. AH Site Logo Clr 62-52