Easy To Use


You'll Be On Your Way In Minutes!

With the Armored Hull Boat Shield™ and the use of the patented Air Gate™, getting in and out is a snap.

Just follow these easy steps:

    Open the Air Valve.
    After 1 minute you will notice the Air Gate™ starts to sink.
    After approx. 2 minutes the Air Gate™ begins to drop below the water.
    The gate is down, 6 feet below the water in 3 minutes or less!
The patented Air Gate™ makes lowering and raising your Armored Hull Boat Shield™ so easy, anyone from 8 to 80 years young can do it!

Raising the Armored Hull Boat Shield™ patented Air Gate™ is just as easy:

    Connect the Air Pump. After 3-4 pumps the Air Gate™ starts to rise.
    After 10-12 pumps the Air Gate™ is 1 ft. from the surface of the water and reaches the surface after approx. 15-17 pumps.
    Full up with 25 pumps or 30-40 seconds, the Air Gate™ is completely above the surface of the water. Close the valve!

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