What A Few Of Our Customers Have To Say About Their Armored Hull Boat Shields™

“I used to have the ‘other’ liner but finally the (manual) gate broke.
The ‘other’ company has gone out of business so I decided to try a new product, the Armored Hull Boat Shield™. I spoke with the Owner, Dennis and made arrangements to have it installed.

Bill and crew showed up (on time might I add) and had my new unit installed in about 3 hours.

Bill took extra time to explain to me how it worked and stayed with me while I practiced putting my boat in and out of my slip.

It was really easy to get my Bayliner in the Armored Hull Boat Shield™ and the best part was the Air Gate™. It was so easy to use just a few pumps and up it comes, no more pulling heavy ropes.

Besides the great functionality, it looks really great.

Thank you everyone, I would recommend an Armored Hull Boat Shield™ to anyone who is looking for hull protection.”

Vicky L.
San Pedro, California

I keep my boat in a lagoon off Barnegat Bay, in New Jersey. Yes, there is growth on the outside of the Armored Hull Boat Shield™. There is absolutely no growth of any kind on my hull. My hull has never been bottom painted. The boat has been in the water since May. Cost was about $100/ft of length.

No big deal getting in and out, maybe an extra minute or two. Very simple to use. I have no affiliation with the manufacturer. This is a well thought out, well made, product. I originally was looking for a lift, but was stymied by costs and permits. I did a lot of research and decided to give this a shot. I actually figured that there was a good chance that I was wasting my money, but really didn’t want to go through the cost and hassle of bottom painting.

So I figured I would take a chance. At this point, I am not sorry at all. By the way, both my neighbors, with lifts, who in May told me I threw the money away, and swore it could never work, have totally reversed their thoughts and opinions.

How it works > The water inside the shield is isolated from the lagoon water and its nutrients. Nothing can live inside the shield. There is an air operated (bell jar effect) gate the lowers and raises, thus opening the Armored Hull Boat Shield™ and allowing the boat to go in or out. About 90 seconds to open and about 30 seconds to close… no electric, just operated by a manual air pump. I have it tied to my buklhead. It would also work in a slip.

No bottom paint and no corrosion on my outboard brackets. Before I purchased, I spoke with an engineer in The Florida Keys who built his own 3 years ago (34′ Trojan) …no growth in 3 years!!


David M.

Hi Dennis, my Armored Hull Boat Shield™ is in its 5th summer at my dock in Waretown, NJ. It has performed flawlessly. I leave it in the water year round. Clean it up a little in the spring and put my Grady White Marlon back into it.

This is a well thought out and well made product that actually does what you advertise. Both my neighbors have recently spent thousands of dollars on lift repairs. I have spent nothing on the boat shield since I have owned it.

I would also like to mention that my Armored Hull Boat Shield™ was in the water and survived Hurricane Sandy, with no damage at all.

I hope all is well and thank you for a great product.

Tony T.
Waretown, NJ