Lifts, Liners Offer Clean Alternatives


Frequent Hull Cleanings

By Jean Quist

Bottom painting and cleaning of a boat hull can be among the major maintenance expenses for boat owners and future requirements for non-toxic hull coatings, which often require more frequent cleanings, could add significantly to those costs.
One Southern California company offering alternatives to frequent hull scraping and bottom cleaning: Armored Hull Boat Shield™ in San Diego offers a line of moderately priced in-the-water hull liners.
Dennis Allen and his wife Laura-Marie have owned and operated Affordable Marine Service in downtown San Diego since 1986.
They started out as a Dealer for Armored Hull Boat Shields™ in 1998 and liked the product so much that they purchased the company. Since then, they have redesigned the product to include the patented Air Gate™ system, which allows for easy entrance and egress from the Armored Hull Boat Shield™.
Armored Hull Boat Shields™ are manufactured with a heavy, tear-resistant, cross-woven plastic with the inflatable Air Gate™ at the stern. Designed to fit boats from 24 to 40 ft., the Armored Hull Boat Shield™ creates a "swimming pool" around the boat while it sits in a slip.
"The Armored Hull Boat Shield™ saves on repairs and maintenance in two ways," explained Dennis. "First, it cuts off the tidal flow, and, therefore, the oxygen content of water around the hull, which quickly kills the types of marine life that attaches to boat bottoms - mussels, clams, weeds, and algae. Second, it reduces the effects of electrolysis on the zincs and other metals, lessening the corrosion of underwater engine and mechanical parts."
Dennis also added that his current market for Armored Hull Boat Shields™ is "95% powerboats with stern drives and inboards, because the owners have more to protect below the waterline."
Liners only need to be replaced every five to ten years, at about a third of the original cost, and zinc parts last three times longer than those cleaned by divers.
Prices for a new Armored Hull Boat Shield™ is $100.00 ft. with installation costs of $300.00, regardless of size. The Armored Hull Boat Shield™ will be featured at the San Diego Boat Show this upcoming January.
Armored Hull Boat Shields™, located at 1215 Beardsley St.  Suite B, San Diego, keeps all standard sizes in stock.
For additional information please call Dennis @ 619.578.5979
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Lowering The Patented Air Gate™

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Enter Slip As You Normally Would

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Raising The Patented Air Gate™

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